About us

Funkasin Street Band is the first band of its kind in Veneto, born to bring new music on the streets and awesome energy to the people. It’s one of the funniest Italian street bands.
The idea was born in spring 2012 in San Donà di Piave (VE) and since the very beginning, the band found itself on a busy schedule; in about four years of existence, they had more than 260 shows all over Italy and beyond. They took part to important musical events both in Italy and overseas, such as: the Venice Carnival, music festival of the Garonne in France, Home Festival in Treviso, UBI Jazz, Manciano Street Music Festival, Kebanda Festival in Formia, Primiero Dolomiti Festival, Friuli DOC, Stadio Olimpico, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Czech Buskers fest, etc…
Since 2014 the Funkasin Street Band have been managing the artistic direction of the “San Donà Street Music Festival”, the only street band festival in Northern Italy.

The Funkasin are able to transmit their energy to the audience thanks to a funky style, blended with other genres like pop, disco and rock. Their choreographies will surely make you move!

You only have to come and see them, following their itinerant dancing shows, FUNKY TIMES ARE COMING!!!


The Funkasin are:

Davide Bertacche: alto sax
Flavio Guerra: alto sax
Mario Vendramini: alto sax
Cristian Vanetto: tenor sax
Martino Barbon: tenor sax
Mauro Santobuono: tenor sax
Edoardo Conte: baritone sax
Tiziano Doretto: baritone sax
Fabio Fazio: trumpet
Antonio Finocchiaro: trumpet
Martino Fraternali: trumpet
Matteo Iaffaldano: trumpet
Riccardo Vidotto: trumpet
Michele Doimo: trombone
Federico Faoro: sousaphone
Raul Moretto: sousaphone
Nadir Mazzarotto: drums
Fabrizio Piccin: drums
Carlo Zulianello: drums
Giovanni Girotto: drums